Ty Segall: Ty Rex [Album Review]

ty-segall-ty-rex Ty Segall
Ty Rex
Goner Records [2015]


Fire Drill Album Review: Wow – I will just say it. I fucking love Ty Segall! I am not even sure what it is exactly but everything he touches, plays on, produces or talks about turns out great. He is raw, rough, focused and sometimes simply all out crazy with his playing but I will tell you – nobody right now can make noise like Ty Segall. Take his Black Friday Record Store Day release for an example. Ty Rex is a compilation of Ty’s T. Rex covers that compile all the tracks from his 2011 Ty Rex 12”, a 2013 follow up Ty Rex 7” and now an unreleased cover of “20th Century Boy”. This record is fantastic! Even if you have heard most of these songs – together makes them even better. You might think Segall flipped these tracks into some crazy fuzz spin but the reality is, he keeps it simple and that is the winning formula here. Other reasons this compilation turned out great: There is slight reverb that is Ty’s stamp, his voice never tries to be Marc Bolan, and only “20th Century Boy” is a top 20 hit out of 14 possibilities. That unknown familiarity with these tracks will drive you back into the T. Rex catalog where you once again can appreciate Segall’s handling of this material. The best part of this cover record is that Ty Rex sounds like a Ty Segall record. I am sure I could play this entire 32-minute album for a young Ty fan and they would be blogging about the “new and original” music on his new record. For a cover album, that is a huge compliment because Bolan’s spirit is truly alive in Segall and you can hear it in every slow powerful simmering moment on Ty Rex!

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– Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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