New Sloan Hardcore 7″ and More / Limited 500 Hand-Numbered Copies

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Sloan will release the new limited Hardcore 7-inch single tomorrow exclusively at at Noon EST.

In addition to the two new original songs, Sloan also recorded a dozen covers of hardcore classics that were the soundtrack of their youth. Keeping in the theme, there is also a new t-shirt that represents Sloan circa 1985. All the details are below.

-Hardcore 7″ vinyl featuring 2 new Sloan songs + digital download (Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies).
-12-song hardcore covers album (digital – an exclusive link will be emailed to you shortly after purchase).
-Limited edition “Sloan Circa 1985” T-shirt.


A-Side: Jenny
B-Side: It’s In You, It’s In Me.

Bonus Digital Download includes 12 Hardcore Cover songs of the bands that were the soundtrack to Sloan’s youth.

1.Gas Chamber [Angry Samoans (Inside My Brain 1980)]
2. Filler [Minor Threat (Minor Threat ep 1981)]
3. Gimme Sopor [Angry Samoans (Inside My Brain 1980)]
4. Bully [7 Seconds (The Crew 1984)]
5. Retrospect [Gray Matter (Food For Thought 1984)]
6. Catalina [The Descendents (Milo Goes To College 1982)]
7. Fountains [The Nils (Sell Out Young ep 1985)]
8. This Is The Angry [7 Seconds (The Crew 1984)]
9. Hot Cars [Angry Samoans (Inside My Brain 1980)]
10. Nervous Breakdown [Black Flag (Nervous Breakdown ep 1978)]
11. Wasted [Circle Jerks (Group Sex 1980)]
12. We’re Only Gonna Die [Bad Religion (How Could Hell Be Any Worse? 1982)]

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