Guided By Voices “English Little League” Five 7-Inch Singles / Ltd 1000

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FlunkyMinnows300Guided By Voices “English Little League” will have 5 singles! All limited to 1000 copies worldwide and on black vinyl complete with downloads.

The singles will be hitting stores every two weeks leading up to the album’s release April 30. For fans if you order the set from Rockathon HERE, they will send them all at the same time (they start shipping end of next week).

Single Info:
Guided By Voices: Flunky Minnows 7″ (A classic Pollard-penned power-pop gem, catchy as anything, backed with “Jellypop Smiles.”) GBVi-29

Guided By Voices: Islands (She Talks In Rainbows) 7″ (Lush Tobin Sprout pop construction + acoustic ballad “She Wore Blue and Green” & psych workout “Full Framed Luberon.”) GBVi-30

Guided By Voices: Trash Can Full of Nails 7″ (Delivered with characteristic aplomb by Pollard & backed with Sprout-penned psych-pop “Build A Bigger Iceberg.”) GBVi-31

Guided By Voices: Xeno Pariah 7″ (Rips your heart out & puts it back a little sadder & wiser. B-side “Little Jimmy the Giant,” is a reprise of one of the oldest GBV songs.) GBVi-32

Guided By Voices: Noble Insect 7″ (Flip side features Sprout piano-based shard “Waves of Gray” & Pollard snippet “See You Soon.”) GBVi-33

Christopher Anthony

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