Video Premiere: The Dwarves – “Do It All The Time”

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TFN is thrilled to present the premiere of the latest video and single from the iconic punk rock band, The Dwarves. “Do It All The Time” is featured on The Dwarves’ first record in over five years, titled The Dwarves Concept Album, which is officially released today. Originating in Chicago in the mid-1980s, the band has experienced various lineup changes, with vocalist Blag Dahlia (aka Blag Jesus) consistently steering its course. The current incarnation of The Dwarves, heard today, boasts the talents of Josh Freese (The Vandals/Foo Fighters) on drums and Nick Oliveri (Queens of the Stone Age/Kyuss) on bass.

Over the years, The Dwarves have released numerous albums, including Blood Guts & Pussy (1990), The Dwarves Are Young and Good Looking (1997), and The Dwarves Must Die (2004). Each album showcases their versatility, with influences ranging from punk to garage rock, and even incorporating elements of pop and surf music. “Do It All The Time” follows this Dwarves’ classic sound with its short runtime and catchy hook. Its grinding rhythm is a foot-tapper, and the chorus will stick in your head longer than the smoke you just lit!

The Dwarves’ legacy in the punk rock scene is marked by their rebellious spirit, raw energy, and a willingness to challenge societal norms. Their impact on punk music is undeniable, and The Dwarves Concept Album will undoubtedly continue to influence and inspire new generations of musicians today.

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