Video Premiere: Morningbell – “It Is Beautiful And Right”

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morningbell premiere video
You may remember TFN Headphone Approved review for Morningbell’s 2013 record Bôa Noite where Chris Tahy described the band as the sweeter side of Radiohead’s OK Computer with the spacey echoes of a Soft Bulletin era Flaming Lips. High praise for the Gainesville, Florida-based group.

Today, you get to hear a little bit more of the sweet side as TFN proudly presents the premiere of Morningbell’s new live-in-studio recording of “It Is Beautiful And Right.” This new track features the band with a bunch of their friends that includes Collin Whitlock from the Slims on the organ and the new Morningbell baby!

The song does not take long to hit a moment as Travis Atria quickly transitions from the acoustic beginning to a full groove with the chorus “I know that you must go – but don’t be long – it tears my heart – when you are gone.” It is a line that most listeners can connect with and it is immediately memorable. The song then just gets better as each singer steps up to the mic and delivers a spot on vocal which completes Morningbell’s sound.

TFN is looking forward to hearing the final product of these sessions on a new Morningbell record. Until then, you can check out the track premiere below – enjoy!

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