Video Premiere: DANA – “Blueteeth”

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TFN is excited to premiere this new video from Columbus, Ohio’s DANA! The featured song, “Blueteeth,” showcases the band’s style of experimental indie rock that is full of nervous energy that builds as the track progresses and then hits you with feverish bursts. You can hear DANA’s influences in this track for sure which includes regional greats like The Stooges, DEVO, and Brainiac. DANA have no real confinements or instrumental boundaries which makes their weird catchy!

Vocalist Madeline Jackson had this to say about the video:
“The principle part of the video that features a homage to Dianne Lad’s iconic lipstick freak out in my favorite movie Wild at Heart (1990) and was recorded by Chris on a VHS camcorder in front of an old TV in our basement about a month into quarantine last year. We had just cancelled our North American tour with dates with Australia’s Tropical Fuck Storm and were all going stir crazy and it was only a month in. Ha! we really thought! Because of COVID we sent VHS tapes back and forth to our friend Brian McCabe who had done live visuals for us in the past. We all felt like doing a video would be the next step. His process is all analog. To allow multiple overlays of film Brian used 4 video mixers along with 3 circuit bent video processors to give “a ghost-like quality to the video.” Interspersed with the lone “stagnant” shot of me (Madeline) was footage from past shows and shenanigans (there’s really no better word to describe our dumb asses).”

Brian McCabe on the making of the video:
“I’ve been doing visuals for DANA for a few years, so it seemed natural that a video would be the next step. We couldn’t record it in person due to covid so Madeline and Chris filmed things on their own and sent me the VHS tapes in the mail. To me the point of the video was to express the isolation of the quarantine, and the emotion of missing friends and good times. To allow multiple overlays of film 4 video mixers were used along with 3 circuit bent video processors to give a ghost-like quality to the video. A Stagnant shot of Madeline was used to represent the loneliness of isolation and shots of old shows were used as memories. “

DANA released their self-titled full length on Heel Turn Records in the spring of 2017, an EP to follow in spring of 2018 on Quality Time Records, and Glowing Auras and Black Money in September 2019. DANA currently has a new post quarantine record in the works.

DANA is Madeline Jackson (vocals, theremin), Chris Lute (vocals, guitar, auxiliary instrumentation, production/engineering), Dan Matos (bass, synth), and Brian Baker (drums). “Blueteeth” will be available at their Bandcamp page this Friday, May 7th.

You can purchase “Blueteeth” on May 7th HERE.

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