The Gulps – “Stuck In The City” [Video]

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The Gulps are pleased to present the official video for “Stuck In The City”; their new single out on Alan McGee’s It’s Creation Baby imprint.

Directed by Sandra Crilo and shot around Soho over Summer 2021, the video follows a day-in-the-life of the band as they immerse themselves in the diverse cultural riches of one of London’s most vibrant quarters.

Mirroring the breathless post/punk score of “Stuck In The City” with visuals of a heart-stopping intensity and searing performance footage, it offers further credence to McGee’s claim that The Gulps are “the best band I’ve signed since Oasis”.

Speaking about the video and the decision to film in Soho, The Gulps say:

“We wanted to show a bit of the life in the city, so we thought Soho was a great place as there are so many different contrasts around there. At night especially is when you can see many different and extravagant people. We love that aspect of London but we also think that’s where there is a lot of inequality between people’s lifestyles, with an omnipresent capitalism that they can forget by getting drunk and taking drugs, diving into a digital life. That’s when you start feeling stuck, the idea of your life and the continuous bombardment with advertisement, that sells you an empty stimulus of happiness.”

Spending the past 18 months intensively writing and rehearsing in their shared Camden apartment (dubbed “The King’s House”), The Gulps have emerged from lockdown with a bristling, brilliant batch of songs that will form the backbone of a planned LP. With early recordings already impressing a certain Noel Gallagher, expect songs about love and darkness, technology and Warhol to line a debut album produced by the legendary Youth Martin.

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