The Flaming Lips – “Mother Please Don’t Be Sad” [Video]

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The Flaming Lips have released another new song and video from their new album American Head set for release on September 11th via Warner Records. Once again, the video was filmed during quarantine.

The track, “Mother Please Don’t Be Sad,” is actually autobiographical about when singer Wayne Coyne was robbed at gunpoint while working at a Long John Silvers as a teenager. “Well, until then, I could probably say I didn’t realize I was really alive… I never really thought about it,” Coyne said.

“We were living such an insane, healthy, wonderful, happy life — my brothers and all of our friends just running around doing the craziest sh*t ever. But then I’m laying on the floor thinking: ‘This is how I’m going to die.’” The event changed the course of Coyne’s life as this was the moment that he decided to break with his family’s middle-class background and become a musician.

American Head will be available on September 11th. You can still pre-order HERE.

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