Star Party – “Push You Aside” [Video]

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Star Party began in March 2020 as a Seattle living room project between Carolyn Brennan and Ian Corrigan (Gen Pop, Vexx) – both sharing a love of high energy rock n roll music. The idea to start a band percolated during trips to the high deserts of eastern Washington to pick sage and see the sun as a brief reprieve from the misty and gray Pacific Northwestern Spring. A few months later, Star Party released Demo 2020 on Feel It Records, featuring two originals and covers of The Shop Assistants’ “Something to Do” and the classic “All I Really Wanna Do” (in the vein of Cher’s version).

Over the course of 2021, Star Party wrote and recorded their debut LP, Meadow Flower, wherever and whenever they could. Employing like-minded Feel It label mate Caufield Schnug of Sweeping Promises (who also moonlights as one part of Melody Men Mastering) to mix and master the album, Meadow Flower follows a direct line from where Demo 2020 left off. Brennan’s soft and clearly American vocals float over waves of feedback and drum machine racket like a delicate mist sitting just above a mountain lake. Melodies bob and weave inside an omnipresent static that fills in every nook and cranny of the recording. Drawing from a quiver of influences such as Black Tambourine, Confuse (JP), The Count Five, and of course The Shop Assistants (RIP Alex Taylor), Star Party’s debut album seamlessly meshes together noise, melody, and harmony.

Push You Aside is the lead single from Star Party’s debut LP, “Meadow Flower”, which is out March 11, 2022 on Feel It (North America) and Tough Love (Rest of World). Video animated and edited by Casey Hanson. Audio mastered by Caufield Schnug at Melody Men Mastering.

You can pre-order from Feel It Records HERE.

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