Plants And Animals – “Love That Boy” [Video]

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Plants and Animals have released a brand new single and video for “Love That Boy”, an intimate song created out of childhood memories and reflection about the constant evolution of family – “The Jungle,” their fifth studio album, is set to be released October 23rd via Secret City Records.

Warren shares the inspiration behind the song: “It’s a song about my family, present and past, but it feels more like a meditation. I was upset, frustrated and feeling like no one knew me—the kid me, the me I still feel I am. And then writing the song chilled me out and put me right. It was a way to connect with my dead parents and with my new life as a dad, and to give everyone a proper hug.”

The music video, directed by Yann-Manuel Hernandez, was also inspired by Warren’s early life memories. The singer-songwriter continues: “I have a strong memory of being a kid in the backseat of my parents’ car driving down the road at night in Halifax. The moon was bright, and I watched it as it danced, interrupted by trees, like a strobe light or a stop-motion film. It followed us as we drove, and I couldn’t figure out how it was doing that. Nothing else I could see out the window kept up. Why is the moon not moving? I hadn’t thought of that for a very long time, but somehow the song brought me back to that place.”

Pre-order the new album: The Jungle via Secret City Records HERE.

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