Liam Kazar – “On A Spanish Dune” [Video]

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Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Liam Kazar presents a new single, “On a Spanish Dune,” with an accompanying video. It’s the follow-up to his debut, “Shoes Too Tight,” which gave a first look into Kazar’s joyful and vulnerable world. “On a Spanish Dune” is mellow and tinged with melancholia, undulating with wurlitzer and subtle synths. Mixed by Sam Griffin Owens, it features childhood friend Spencer Tweedy (drums), Chicago musician James Elkington (pedal steel, percussion), David Curtin (synths), plus vocals from Ohmme. The track illustrates Kazar’s aptness for colorful narration: “On a spanish dune // We’ll turn to the moon // So if you wanna go // I won’t leave tonight // While the cicadas sigh // And the river’s mouth is wide.”

The accompanying video, directed by Jesse Morgan Young, features Kazar and friends and is filled with oddities. Young explains the video: “After Kazar hurriedly leaves before dawn he’s thwarted by car trouble. Rescued by an unnervingly cheerful loner, the two make their way to an abandoned farm only to find out it’s not so abandoned. An eccentric survivalist has made the isolated locale his home and they spend the evening enjoying each other’s company and a bit of the stranger’s funky elixir.”

“On a Spanish Dune” continues to champion Kazar’s wide musical range. Throughout the last decade, he has been recognized for his adaptability and deftness in the studio and on stage, leading to tours and collaborations with Jeff Tweedy, Chance the Rapper, Steve Gunn, Daniel Johnston, Kids These Days, amongst others.

You can find the track at Bandcamp HERE.

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