Jeff Rosenstock – “DOUBT” [Video]

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Punk rocker Jeff Rosenstock has actually announced an album before releasing it. HELLMODE, Rosenstock’s fifth studio album, is coming on September 1st via Polyvinyl Records.

Jeff Rosenstock makes increasingly chaotic albums for an increasingly chaotic world. “To me, the album feels like the chaos of being alive right now,” Rosenstock says of HELLMODE. “We’re experiencing all these things at the same time that trigger our senses, and emotions that make us feel terrible. We’re just feeling way too much all at once!” With each passing year, it feels like the temperature of the universe boils five degrees hotter, and with each new album, Rosenstock’s music grows more unwieldy and lawless. Louder, faster, more feral. Which brings us to 2023—a planet on fire, a mere 90 seconds to midnight on the doomsday clock, and the release of Rosenstock’s anarchic new record, which was recorded with Rosenstock’s long-time studio producer, GRAMMY-nominated Jack Shirley, at Hollywood’s EastWest Studios.

Today, check out HELLMODE’s amazing lead single “DOUBT” and its animated music video, made by some of his Craig of the Creek pals. “I wanted to make an anime-inspired video that captures the feeling of dread you feel when you know you’re gonna have to deal with some bad shit, and then that bad shit ends up way worse than you had even imagined,” says Rosenstock. “I’ve also always wanted to make a video with some of the ridiculously talented artists at Craig of the Creek. We met up at Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank – which I feel obliged to shout out because they didn’t kick us out even though five of us sat outside there for about 3 hours and ordered one pretzel and one coffee in total. Everyone started throwing ideas around and pretty quickly, Najja, Dashawn & Deena started sketching out their storyboards right there at the bar. Soon enough a tiny animation pipeline was formed with Cory and Jon and poof boom bang uh-oh video happened. It was pretty incredible to see it all come together!”

You can order the album HERE.

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