Hit Like A Girl – “Monsters” [Video]

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Monsters don’t just exist in fairytales. They exist in split-second thoughts, sleepless nights, and corners of our mind we’d much rather blackout. That’s what Hit Like a Girl is confronting in their newest single, “Monsters.” Featuring guest vocals from Bartees Strange, it’s a moment of clarity that sees frontperson Nicolle Maroulis (they/them) snapping to the realization that things around them are changing––and the only person that can save them from falling is themselves.

Heart Racer, the band’s third LP and first for new label Refresh Records, captures the many revelations Maroulis had following that experience. Gone are the days of feeling restrained by heartache and anxiety; instead, Heart Racer finds frontperson Nicole Maroulis’ (they/them) self-doubt and self-actualization in a constant tug-of-war, with the latter left holding the rope.

Heart Racer comes out April 2 and is currently available to pre-order from Refresh Records HERE.

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