Wild Pink: Yolk In The Fur [Album Review]

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Wild Pink
Yolk In The Fur
Tiny Engines [2018]

Who: Yolk In The Fur is Wild Pink’s sophomore long player and their third release in three years.

Sound: Wild Pink have a nice calm indie rock vibe that has elements from Death Cab For Cutie and Red House Painters while sonically producing a sound similar to War On Drugs and Amen Dunes.

TFN Final Take: In today’s music scene, band loyalty has been lost and essentially traded in for short memories and streaming playlists. I say this because I still follow bands from record to record and enjoy hearing an artist reach farther and longer on their next LP.

I went down that road because I feel that Wild Pink is one of those artists that if you have followed them since their 4 Songs cassette release in 2016 you will be completely blown away with their sophomore LP, Yolk In The Fur. The record takes an already good indie rock band and polishes their songs up until they shine just right. Before, Wild Pink had a more slightly unfinished sound going on that worked but was way more introverted. I liked their self-titled debut but you couldn’t quite know where to set the volume button as different ideas and sounds came out everywhere.

Yolk In The Fur flushes all of those various artist decisions into one fluid indie rock record with very developed songs. Half of the tracks push by the 5-minute mark and allow Wild Pink to shift tempos within the tracks. Just when you think you know where a song like “The Séance On St. Augustine St.” is going, the song flips and increases in volume, tempo and guitar strength while a big sing along chorus takes over. These moments run throughout Yolk In The Fur and allow you to get lost in the music. The aura that is created by Wild Pink here shows how far their songwriting has come in just two short years and I feel that Wild Pink are on the cusp of a much bigger audience. I think Yolk In The Fur will slowly pop up on many critics choice lists when the year ends and watch out because I also think when this album cycle is complete, Wild Pink may just have their biggest release still to come!

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Tiny Engines

– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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