Water From Your Eyes: Everyone’s Crushed [Album Review]

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Water From Your Eyes
Everyone’s Crushed
Matador Records [2023]

Water From Your Eyes, the Brooklyn-based duo comprised of Nate Amos and Rachel Brown, has returned with Everyone’s Crushed, an album that defies easy categorization, blending elements of indie rock, experimental pop, post-punk, and electronica. Drawing influences from bands like Animal Collective, Björk, and Radiohead, the duo has crafted a genre-bending musical experience that pushes boundaries.

The album opens with the track “Structure,” which serves as a recap, quickly summarizing their last several albums before the mind-bending “Barely” takes over your speakers. Its Sonic Youth-inspired vocal delivery and disjointed guitar riff turn the listener upside down, yet its driving beat remains undeniably catchy. “Out There” offers similar angular transitions but stands out with its running Hawaiian xylophone-like synth, giving it a unique spin. The grinding feedback during “Open” is another ear-squelching sound while Brown’s soft vocals gracefully navigate through its middle section. Once again, Water From Your Eyes successfully takes the listener somewhere new. The album also shines when it slows things down, as heard in the crawling “14,” featuring moving strings and an electronic drone backdrop, with a cyclical vocal refrain that embeds itself in the listener’s mind.

The album’s production is exceptional, creating a lush and immersive atmosphere. Layers of pulsating synths, unexpected twists and turns, groovy basslines, and intricate percussion form the foundation for the duo’s ethereal vocals. The mixing and mastering showcase a remarkable balance, allowing each instrument and vocal element to shine while maintaining a cohesive and engaging listening experience.

Overall, Everyone’s Crushed is a strong album that showcases Water From Your Eyes’ potential and creativity. It offers a fresh and exciting take on indie rock, captivating the listener with its unique sound and well-written songs. With each listen, the album reveals new layers and intricacies that keep you coming back for more. Water From Your Eyes has once again delivered a refreshing and captivating musical journey that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

“Barely” / “Out There” / “Buy My Product”

Black Marble / Sonic Youth / Chromatics

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