Tim Heidecker: High School [Album Review]

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Tim Heidecker
High School
Spacebomb Records [2022]

Tim Heidecker is a talented artist that over the years has been known both for his comedy and a more serious singer songwriter side that has tackled tough topics like divorce, middle-age, and global warming. His balance of being able to address those areas with compassion while still successfully lifting the mood is an art in itself. Now, Heidecker utilizes his songwriting skills and addresses a subject we all can easily relate to – High School.

The album kicks off with the catchy “Buddy,” which is a bittersweet ode to an old friend who never had much of a chance. When Heidecker sings the chorus “Sittin’ in class, stoned on grass; Everybody could see that you were gone, gone, gone; Gone before you’re gone,” I think everyone knows that “one kid” from high school that you just wonder what happened to them! On “Chillin’ In Alaska,” Tim contemplates during the bridge “I shoulda made my move, I shoulda been more bold; I shoulda kicked my cousin right outta that tent; Who knows where me and that girl woulda went?” Recalling these old missed opportunities makes this another song on High School that is easy to connect with as we all have had these thoughts. Elsewhere, Heidecker gets the support of Kurt Vile on “Sirens Of Titan,” as he covers youthful days which includes sloshing around on a water bed, Claudia Schiffer, reading Kurt Vonnegut books, and listening to Velvet Underground records. With other things like the Gulf war and bad grades, Tim clearly states he won’t miss those days.

Overall, Tim Heidecker offers up 10 interesting stories that musically have a similar bounce to them. His success here is that the listener can completely envision these past moments in their own life. High School shows a growth in all aspects of Heidecker’s songwriting and the record holds a sold replay value and especially if you are already a fan.

“Buddy” / “Chillin’ In Alaska” / “Punch In The Gut”

Steve Gunn / John Hiatt / Kurt Vile

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