The Lost Days: In The Store [Album Review]

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The Lost Days
In The Store
Speakeasy Studios SF [2023]

After meeting at a memorial for a mutual friend, Tony Molina (Ovens) and Sarah Rose Janko (Dawn Riding) started spending time together playing guitar and singing their hearts out. This was the beginning of The Lost Days and after their 5-song Lost Demos EP was released in 2021, Molina began writing more tracks and sending them to Janko which would eventually create their debut full length album, In The Store.

If you have been a fan of Tony Molina’s more recent solo work, In The Store follows its DIY lo-fi analog process and offers an ear candy blend of acoustic indie pop in its ten songs in just 14 minutes. The difference here is that these tracks were written with Janko’s voice in mind with Molina’s influences of Bill Fox, The Byrds and Guided By Voices. This intimate setup creates a special listen, especially as the songs cover tough subject matter in alcoholism, depression and complex relationships.

You can hear one of these struggles in stand out track “For Today” when Janko opens the song with “Seems to be, the hardest part of stayin’ sober, is anytime that you come over today.” Track after track, The Lost Days cover you with memorable pointed lyrics and harmonies as Molina squeezes that perfect hook in every one minute acoustic strummer that is rounded out with drums, tambourine, and Hammond organ. Even when Molina takes lead on “Long Before You Know,” Janko’s voice is right at home providing some floating backing vocals. I hope that these two artists continue to make music together because it is a guarantee that your only complaint after hearing In The Store will be that it is too short!

“Gonna Have To Tell You” / “For Today” / “Long Before You Know”

Bill Fox / Waxahatchee / Guided By Voices

Bandcamp | Speakeasy Studios SF

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