The Lees Of Memory: Moon Shot [Album Review]

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The Lees Of Memory
Moon Shot
Self-Released [2020]

There is something really refreshing and energizing about the latest The Lees Of Memory record Moon Shot. For all of those unfamiliar, The Lees of Memory is an indie rock trio featuring Superdrag co-founders John Davis and Brandon Fisher along with drummer Nick Slack. Moon Shot now represents the groups fourth long player but takes the band into a much more power pop indie path that easily will bring you back to the days of Superdrag. For my ears, this move is well overdue as their debut leaned to a more shoegaze focus and on 2017’s, The Blinding White Of Nothing At All, the band offered up a double album with 24 tracks. The quantity on that record was not bad with some Beatles and Big Star sounds but overall some continuity was lost in the massive track list.

That history now brings us forward to Moon Shot which is solid 10 songs in 40 minutes record. The album is a hi-fi shot of stereo that starts right from opening track, “Lonely Everywhere,” as it gives you big sweeping ear candy harmonies and plenty of guitar. It would be one thing if that track was it but the indie rock continues with several more stand out songs like “Crocodile Tears,” “Live Without” and “No Floor No Ceiling.” If you were going to compare this record to anything in the John Davis catalog, I would say it reminds me the most of Superdrag’s In The Valley Of Dying Stars (2000).

Moon Shot is not all high rev power pop as other tracks have a more dreamy “reach for the stars” type sound with a catchy mid tempo pace that works. And then there is the funky grooves on closer “Far Beyond,” which borrows more from Prince than Lennon. The cool thing is, that when Davis’ vocals get into the mix the track turns out the be perfect send off on Moon Shot.

It was really good to hear The Lees Of Memory turn up the guitars and harmonies on Moon Shot. John Davis has always been an excellent songwriter and this album once again backs that statement up. Lyrically, there are songs on this record that can get you down if you dwell on them too much – so don’t let them surprise you. I do think that Moon Shot shows that even when days suck that you can find some healing with music. This record can do that for sure, and honestly if you don’t crank the volume up on some of these guitar driven tracks – you are missing out!

Key Tracks: “Lonely Everywhere” / “Crocodile Tears” / “Live Without”

Artists With Similar Fire: Robert Pollard / Superdrag / Nada Surf

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-Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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