Swearing At Motorists: Exile On Gipsstrasse [Album Review]

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Swearing At Motorists
Exile On Gipsstrasse
Secretly Canadian [2006]

Recorded in a Berlin Ubahnhof (an underground train station), Exile On Gipsstrasse captures Swearing At Motorists at their absolute best. Lead singer and creator Dave Doughman spent hours with a tape machine and two microphones near closing time at the local train station to capture this very unique mix of sound. Each song falls somewhere between a live and studio track – no audience noise but a very fresh live feel to the music. I would describe the sound as hearing someone playing music in a long hallway, but the volume is only turned up halfway. This project started when three songs from these sessions were included on this year’s Last Night Becomes This Morning, which was released in February 2006. Doughman wondered what an entire album would sound like presented in this style – Exile On Gipsstrasse tests that very theory. I would say the experiment is a success. Exile On Gipsstrasse gives you a very intimate, lo-fi record that cruises by in 25 minutes, leaving you wanting to hit repeat several times.

Key Tracks: “Coming Home [Richard Hawley]” / “Northern Line” / “Ten Dollars”

Artists With Similar Fire: Alejandro Escovedo / Gram Parsons / Guided By Voices

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