Beach House: Beach House [Album Review]

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Beach House
Beach House
Carpark Records [2006]

Baltimore’s Beach House is in a league of their own when it comes to current modern music. There are not many bands out there releasing this pleasant mix of slide guitars, remarkable melodies and enchanted haunting echoes like you will find on their self-titled debut.

Victoria Legrand is a frontwoman that takes command of each song and each listener with her hypnotic “Mazzy Star” like vocals. Her childhood friend, Alex Scally is the one-man band backing her up, creating the earthy soundscapes that not only support the vocals but lead them down a delicate path on every track.

Beach House’s self-titled debut is a definite winner. It is the perfect album gearing up for a cool winter day and with each listen the tracks just remain in your head. Therefore, if you are looking for something unique to check out and are tired of your current music selection give Beach House a try – it truly will take you to a better place.

Key Tracks: “Master Of None” / “Apple Orchard” / “Saltwater”

Artists With Similar Fire: Mazzy Star / Galaxie 500 / Slowdive

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