Swamp Dogg: Love, Loss, And Auto-tune [Album Review]

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Swamp Dogg
Love, Loss, And Auto-Tune
Joyful Noise Recordings [2018]


Who: Jerry Williams Jr. a.k.a Swamp Dogg has been making music since the 1960’s. The Swamp Dogg moniker appeared in 1970 after Williams reinvented his sound with Total Destruction To Your Mind

Sound: Swamp Dogg has alway presented a unique sound. Williams core will always be soul/R&B but, psychedelic sounds are never to far from “the original D-O double G.” This albums utilizes exactly what it says in the title, Auto-Tune.

TFN Final Take: In speaking to the LA Times on his last record, Jerry Williams Jr. says, “My last album sold 4,000 copies. “I ain’t got no people to turn off.” It is this statement that benefits Swamp Dogg’s new album Love, Loss, and Auto-Tune the most. It is freeing and it allows Swamp Dogg to work with a blank canvas. It also allow for the enlistment of producer Ryan Olson who’s list of work includes The National, Bon Iver, and Har Mar Superstar. Also, Justin Vernon of Bon Iver fame was brought into the mix. The sonic pallet of Love, Loss, and Auto-Tune is fun like a modern pop record but, with Dogg behind the reigns it keeps soul on it’s sleeve. “Answer Me, My Love” is tender, messy, and keeps things infectious with a reserved keyboard. “I’ll Pretend” breaths tense and powerful like “In the Air Tonight.” What makes this a true Swamp Dogg release is his whit that’s been present since Total Destruction To Your Mind. You know when he asks for the black negligee, Dom Perignon 69, and Chanel #69 he’s coming home with lovin’ on his mind. “$$$ Huntin'” is an ode, commentary, and cautionary tale. It’s also one of Swamp Dogg’s best to date. “Sex with Your Ex” keeps Swamp Dogg from dirty ol’ man territory and turns him into love philosopher. The love might not be there but, sometimes you “gotta get back together for the sex.” Just answer to the basic instincts and “sometimes that’s all you need to be happy.” What makes Love, Loss, and Auto-Tune a fantastic album is all the levels that it works and succeeds on. The auto tune permeates the entire album and is never overbearing. The emotions are genuine and mixing that with humor strikes a great balance. Finally, the songwriting and song construction keep things fresh and free. Watch out Ye (Kanye) and T Pain – the original D-O double G is back and his bark and bite are fantastic.

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– Reviewed by Christopher Tahy

Christopher Tahy

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