Sugar Tradition: More Sugar [Album Review]

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Sugar Tradition
More Sugar
Feel It Records [2023]

Wait until you spin the free-wheelin’ new EP from Detroit’s Sugar Tradition. More Sugar is a carefree record that was recorded live, encapsulating the raw and rebellious spirit of the 1960s era. It features a collection of songs with an enduring classic vibe, paying homage to the garage R&B rock genre.

The six-song EP kicks off with the iconic “Rockin’ Baby,” a track that instantly sets the tone for the entire record. With its jangly guitars, driving rhythm, and charismatic lead vocals by Antonio Keka, it’s a perfect example of the garage rock sound. The song’s infectious energy is irresistible, making it an instant staple in the band’s repertoire.

One of the standout tracks on the album is “Fragile.” With its catchy call-out melody and compelling lyrics, it’s a quintessential garage rock anthem. The combination of seesawing gritty guitar riffs and Keka’s passionate delivery makes this song an unforgettable part of the EP.

Throughout More Sugar, the band maintains a consistent level of energy and attitude. “Don’t Leave Me” and “I’m Set Free” are further examples of their ability to deliver high-octane rock and roll with an authentic, unpolished edge. The raw production style enhances the feeling that this album was recorded in the simplest of settings, capturing the essence of the garage rock movement.

The EP also features a great cover of the 1961 classic “Come On” by Chuck Berry, which the band transforms into a garage rock powerhouse. Their interpretation of this song adds a unique twist to the traditional rock structure.

What I really like about Sugar Tradition is that they capture the rebellious, DIY spirit of the 1960s era and deliver it with an unapologetic and unrefined authenticity. The EP’s timeless quality will resonate with fans of garage rock and is progressive enough to showcase some of the genre’s evolution. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering the magic of garage rock, More Sugar is a perfect addition to your music collection. At just fourteen minutes long, Sugar Tradition builds excitement for what comes next!

“Rockin’ Baby” / “Fragile” / “Don’t Leave Me”

The Remains / The Greenhornes / The Shoots

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