Ribbon Stage: Hit With The Most [Album Review]

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Ribbon Stage
Hit With The Most
K Records [2022]

Ribbon Stage are a trio from NYC that have created a debut album that is a compact earworm of noise pop. Hit With The Most is a 20 minute joyride of tight drums, fuzzed out distorted guitar and the floating vocals of Anni Hilator which cuts through it all. Her likeable laid back tone comes off like you are having an interesting conversation at a party surrounded by the background chatting guests. This style keeps you laser focused on the lyrics that deal with capitalism crap, insecurity driven breakdowns and living up to expectations. Regardless of the serious topics, Ribbon Stage will have you asking for more with their bang out delivery.

With 11 songs being covered in 20 minutes, there is absolutely no filler on Hit With The Most. The constant drumming rhythm on these songs pulses while the swirling distorted guitars are always holding up the track’s structure. You then stir in vocal melodies and Ribbon Stage have created the noise pop dream. It would be easy for all of these tracks to blend together but where Ribbon Stage really shine is their ability to slightly vary their sound from track to track. Within these short numbers, you can find moments of shoegaze, alternative rock, post-punk and new wave but Ribbon Stage only stay there for a blink making Hit With The Most even more infectious with its exciting familiarity but yet bringing your ear something new rapidly. It’s exactly that recipe that makes Hit With The Most a timeless keeper!

“Playing Possum” / “Stone Heart Blue” / “It’s Apathy”

Star Party / Shop Assistants / Vivian Girls

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