Remember Sports: Slow Buzz [Album Review]

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Remember Sports
Slow Buzz
Father/Daughter Records [2018]

Who: Remember Sports is the new name for the band SPORTS. Slow Buzz is the group’s third LP and finds Carmen Perry (vocals, guitar), Jack Washburn (guitar), and Catherine Dwyer (bass) now relocated from Gambier, OH to Philadelphia, PA, while also adding a new drummer in Connor Perry.

Sound: Slow Buzz is a good slice of indie rock in the vein of Speedy Ortiz, Superchunk, Waxahatchee, and Hop Along.

TFN Final Take: It is never easy to change your band name after several albums but that rebranding is exactly what Remember Sports did for their third LP Slow Buzz. It is a new start for the band, formally known as just SPORTS, as they now officially claim Philadelphia as home and we find singer Carmen Perry moving on from a relationship. This fresh beginning still carries the pain of breaking up but you wouldn’t know it because Remember Sports offer tight indie buzzsaw guitars, energetic drumming, and pulsing bass that supports every mood thrown at them from passionate singer Perry.

This synergy carriers throughout the entire record’s almost 40-minute run time. There is one foot tapper after another and all the songs have hooks that grab hold of you. On “The 1 Bad Man” when Perry cries out “And I know and I know and I know that I’m not being fair” you can feel her emotion ooze out from moving on. Words are powerful and Perry hits you consistently. The band even has a sprawling rock ballad with the over 5 minutes “No Going Back.” With lines like “With my face against the window, I watch you float away from me” you know the pain is real but everyone is going to come out stronger. That is exactly how Remember Sports comes out of Slow Buzz – together, memorable and ready for you to turn the volume knob up and join them on their journey!

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Father/Daughter Records

– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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