Pinback: Information Retrieved [Album Review]

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Information Retrieved
Temporary Residence LTD. [2012]

The Fire Note headphone approved

Fire Note Says: Time means nothing to Pinback as they return strong as ever!

Album Review: It has been 5 years since Pinback released their last studio album, Autumn of the Seraphs [2007], and you absolutely wouldn’t know it after taking in the sonic adventure that is their new outing Information Retrieved. The duo of vocalist/guitarist Rob Crow and bassist/vocalist Zach Smith once again come out of the gate with their trademarked layered harmonies, soaring melodies and quick shifting rhythms.

Some might initially criticize Pinback here as their timeless approach to recording is again followed on Information Retrieved but don’t let one listen fool you. This is a record that gets deeper in your head after every spin and lives up to every expectation that longtime fans have of the band. It is a record for all times, all seasons and certainly any indie playlist you have going. Lead off track “Proceed To Memory” almost encapsulates all of their talent and history in one track as it has ear opening musical turns, strategic drum hits, memorable stacked vocals, call-outs and an emotional edge with lines like “And then the seasons get you down; I’ll come running to tuck you in.”

Information Retrieved is not a return to form – it is Pinback’s form. The album never hits you in the face as it just slowly takes you over with its little catchy nuances like the quick up-tempo shifts in “His Phase” which create a shining and complex moment from what seems like an initially simple song. Right from the opening bass line in “True North” you know that this track is a highlight as it gets more theatrically intense and leaves you repeating “This is the number – please look it over; Everything else is – just a distracter.” This type of building and smoldering song structure is exactly the experience of listening to Pinback. You can be a long time follower or new to their indie world but the conclusion will be the same – Information Retrieved ranks up there with Pinback’s best!

Key Tracks: “Proceed To Memory”, “Drawstring”, “True North”

Artists With Similar Fire: Built To Spill / The Shins / Rogue Wave

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Temporary Residence LTD.

-Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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