Parquet Courts: Light Up Gold [Album Review]

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parquet-courts-light-up-gold-album-cover Parquet Courts
Light Up Gold
Dull Tools Records [2012]


Fire Note Says: Parquet Courts released one of the indie rock gems of 2012 – glad we finally took a listen!

Album Review: Sometimes in the review world you feel like a total idiot when you miss one. I say that as we were late to the party on the full length debut from Parquet Courts solid indie rock album Light Up Gold. I will tell you up front that if this record would have gotten in front of us after its release Parquet Courts would have landed in our Top 50.

The New York band is made up of Texas transplants and you may already know one of the frontman here being Andrew Savage from Fergus & Geronimo. Alongside Savage on lead vocals is singer, guitarist and co-lyricist Aaron Brown which gives Parquet Courts a bit more unique approach. This talented group brings plenty of swirling guitars, post-punk bass and gritty drumming to form its 15 songs lasting a mere 33 minutes. The group pulls off a real mix of tricks here vocally as the album can be a blend of cool which sounds like Jim Carroll hanging out with Stephen Malkmus then meeting up with Lou Reed. The guitar work has a likeness of an early Strokes while incorporating a more Sonic Youth type arrangement and an overall punk vibe that reminds you a little of Wire. All good stuff as they put each track to great use without any true urgency but great consistency which I consider a true bonus. I loved how Parquet Courts can be revved up on a track like “Borrowed Time” which just makes you want to go nuts while “N Dakota” has a total slacker approach with its laid back arrangement. Both tracks are equally as effective in their delivery even though they represent two different worlds. This is the greatness of Light Up Gold.

Parquet Courts is a sure fire hit for any indie rock aficionados out there as they pull off these angular, very New York type, sounds within a 1 and 2 minute time frame. The album gives off a very high reward in a short amount of time and just gets better after every spin. Parquet Courts may have been a late surprise to us but I guarantee that we will be following them now as Light Up Gold is already stealing thunder from the bombardment of new 2013 releases and quite honestly I don’t care – it is a great listen!

Key Tracks: ”Borrowed Time”, “N Dakota”, “Careers In Combat”

Artists With Similar Fire: The Jim Carroll Band / Sonic Youth / Pavement

Parquet Courts Website
Dull Tools Records

-Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

Christopher Anthony

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