Osees: A Foul Form [Album Review]

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A Foul Form
Castle Face Records [2022]

John Dwyer has never been one to take something lying down. Just in case you needed a reminder, their latest album A Foul Form should be all the reminder you need. This self-described brain cracker not only decimates the stem, but rips through the listener’s entire senses. This rudimentary ripper was recorded raw in Dwyer’s basement and pays homage to the punk the band grew up listening to. 

Osees have created a tradition of being unexpected with each album. You shouldn’t expect the far out wide openness created by “Robber Barrons” on Carrion Crawler/The Dream or “The Axis” on A Weird Exits. Gone are the amorphous, alien passages of tracks like “Wing Run” and “Canopnr ’74” from Protean Threat. A Foul Form is a punk album written by punks, for punks. From the album’s opening track, “Funeral Solution,” buzzing its way into your ears, Dwyer sets the tone. “What the fuck is going on, human life is not that long,” Dwyer belts, with reckless abandon. “Frock Block” continues the buzzy assault on the ear drums. “Too Late For Suicide” gives what only the band could consider a breather. While the intensity is dialed down a bit the ambulance guitar screams drive down a buzz laden highway. Dwyer takes a break from his standard album yowl to deliver a more sinister tone. The title track (also one of the album’s best) cuts fast and infinite like a rolling Deftones’ lick that burrows back and forth through a wormhole. Dwyer only adds charm with his guttural yells, “A foul form.” 

To circle back to the breather, A Foul Form is an album that never gets in its’ own way. It’s sharp, catchy, unhinged, and raw. Its’ the lack of production that elevate songs like police commentary “Perm Act” as it lumbers in with its’ opening guitar. “Social Butt” grinds guitars with the chorus and goes militaristic with pounding drums and single chords on the verse. The final track, a cover by Rudimentary Peni, “Sacrifice” finishes just as quickly as it started. 

That might just be the mantra for A Foul Form – finish as quickly as you start. The album clocks in at 22 minutes with only 3 songs breaking the 3-minute mark. Osees have a knack for experimenting with the obtuse and this album bucks that trend. This is the Osees at their most catchy. This is the modern day scuzz and buzz punk album of your dreams. I guess I’m not surprised that the Osees had to be the band to make it.

“Frock Block” / “A Foul Form” / “Scum Show”

The Stooges / Bad Brains / Black Flag

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