Omni: Networker [Album Review]

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Sub Pop Records [2019]

TFN Album Review: Over the last three years and two albums with Trouble In Mind records, Atlanta’s Omni have built support with their post-punk Gang of Four and Wire riffs, sharp lyrics and laid-back delivery. Needless to say, the expectations have risen with their third LP Networker and first for Sub Pop Records.

Like any artist on their third LP, you can hear how Omni have grown and evolved. Networker presents itself with a much cleaner production and really is about the musicianship. There are not many albums where I would say the vocals take a backseat but on Networker, singer Philip Frobos keeps each track moving but is really not the main focus. Every song has an intricate instrument manipulation that drives the listener to its individual parts. Part of this is the excellent production that makes these moments pop but the other part is that Omni have pure musical talent. One listen to the opening of “Courtesy Call” highlights this point as the band lets the instruments do the talking as Frobos vocals slide in behind. The song also has a jazz like tempo shift that runs the scales with a tiny jam in the middle which is just impressive. “Underage” once again has Omni stretching each instrument as the lyrics just float in when needed. It is another track that after several spins completely connects.

I really like how Omni have progressed on Networker and they also didn’t totally abandon their post-punk riffs as the under two-minute “Moat” has an aggressive edge to it. “Flat Earth” possesses a Devo flavor to its delivery which will certainly drive some foot tapping. Overall though, Networker keeps things laid back with complex changes and instrument burns. It is a grower of a record so don’t just give it one spin as Omni has many sides to offer, which combined make for a great listen.

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