Needles//Pins: Good Night, Tomorrow [Album Review]

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Good Night, Tomorrow
Mint/Dirt Cult Records [2017]

Who: Vancouver power trio Needles//Pins began in 2009 and now have released their third LP with Good Night, Tomorrow.

Sound: The band belts out gruff punk rock melodies that can send you back to the sound of The Buzzcocks, while hitting the sweet spot of 90’s punk like Face To Face, Screeching Weasel, The Mr. T Experience and Down By Law.

TFN Final Take: No matter how underground punk goes or its lack of current press, it is important to know that there are some really good bands still flying the flag. Vancouver’s Needles//Pins is one of them. Good Night, Tomorrow marks the group’s third long player and it is their best album to date. Needles//Pins succeed here because they find a middle ground that is both melodic and edgy.

There is no overfill, no short changing, and no attempt to be something they are not. In fact, on Good Night, Tomorrow, I believe they dial back their overall tempo from previous albums several notches for solid results, much like a Gaslight Anthem or Social Distortion. The band sounds like they have hit a maturity groove as every riff hangs in your ear and lyrically, the emotional rollercoaster of relationships oozes out as singer Adam Solomonian lets his gravelly vocals drive each song. With big sing-alongs, quick snappy chords and tracks that you will want to hear again, Needles//Pins deliver one of the better punk records you will hear this year.

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– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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