Michael Rault: It’s A New Day Tonight [Album Review]

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Michael Rault
It’s A New Day Tonight
Wick Records [2018]

TFN Final Take: It’s A New Day Tonight is the follow up to Michael Rault’s garage rock debut, Living Daylight, which was released on Burger Records in 2015. The release was actually a combination of two EPs that he previous released in 2014, so It’s A New Day Tonight is his first real collection of songs for an album.

The first thing you will hear here is that Rault has shifted his sound into a warm 70’s vibe that is completely infectious from the first note. Rault packages his chords, harmonies and lead vocals much like a modern George Harrison. Those are big shoes to compare Rault’s talent to but It’s A New Day Tonight is undeniably retro as he sings away on “Sleep With Me” with a chorus that soars “When you were asleep, I dreamed of you and now you’re awake you know it’s true.”

This floating state style reoccurs throughout this album and showcases Rault’s maturity right to the end with the sweeping over 7-minute closer, “When The Sun Shines” that has just a tad of Polyphonic Spree thematic energy in its chorus. With classic nods to The Raspberries, Big Star and The Beatles, It’s A New Day Tonight is a memorable indie stroll from beginning to end!

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– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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