Les Savy Fav: OUI, LSF [Album Review]

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Les Savy Fav
Frenchkiss Records [2024]

Album Overview: Les Savy Fav, a post-hardcore band formed in 1995 at the Rhode Island School of Design, has maintained a close-knit bond among its members over the years. Despite a decade-long hiatus following their 2010 album Root for Ruin, the band stayed connected through personal endeavors, including family life, creative pursuits, and professional ventures. Their latest album, OUI, LSF, marks their return after more than ten years. Recorded in singer Tim Harrington’s attic studio, the album represents a rebirth for the band, reflecting their growth as individuals and artists. With 14 tracks, it offers a mix of tragedy and comedy, showcasing their eclectic musical tastes and unique style. It is a record that shows they still have the drive for bold in your face music. At 42 minutes, I will admit that I think a little editing would have made this album tighter but overall any fans of Les Savy Fav will be happy hearing from them again!

Musical Style: Les Savy Fav’s musical style blends post-hardcore with elements of indie rock and experimental sounds. Their songs feature dynamic shifts, energetic rhythms, and quirky melodies, creating a distinct sound that grabs listeners.

Evolution of Sound: OUI, LSF finds the band’s moving forward in their sound, incorporating diverse influences and experimenting with new approaches to songwriting. While maintaining their trademark intensity, they explore new territories, resulting in a fresh and vibrant album that fits into the 2024 music landscape.

Artists with Similar Fire: I think when describing Les Savy Fav you can pull out some heavy hitting artists like At the Drive-In, Fugazi, Shellac, and Future of the Left, who all share a similar fusion of punk energy and experimental directions.

Pivotal Tracks: Key tracks on OUI, LSF include the opener “Guzzle Blood” which has this ringing in and out alarm as the vocal lines are delivered with fire and then the singalong chorus kicks in. “Void Moon” has some searing guitar work and plenty of dissonant experimental noise aspects that buzz in making it a track that feels progressive but also 100% Les Savy Fav. “Legendary Tippers” has this upbeat undertone to the track that is memorable along with its grooving riffs.

Lyrical Strength: The album’s lyrics navigate themes of disillusionment, nostalgia, and existential angst with wit and poignancy. From introspective ballads to playful critiques of contemporary society, Les Savy Fav crafts compelling narratives that resonate with listeners on a profound level. This is a band that has easily picked up where they left off!

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