Heaters: Holy Water Pool [Album Review]

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heaters Heaters
Holy Water Pool
Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records [2015]

Fire Drill Album Review: For me, the resurgence of psych rock has been spectacular and Michigan’s Heaters is another fine band to add to the growing quality list. Their new full length, Holy Water Pool, is drenched in reverb 60’s soul that meanders in the right places, jigs and jags in one motion and will have you chilled and rocked in a matter of just a few chords. “Master Splinter” is one of those tracks that spirals out of control in a good way during its last third before settling back down into its layered and reverbed vocal conclusion. It is just one track here that brings attention to the bands knack for detail which holds true throughout the record. It is this precision that helps Heaters stand out above the rest. On the slow burning “Gum Drop,” you can just picture the haze of smoke surrounding this group as the reverb is on high and the vocals float in and out with a very hypnotic groove. It is a track and record I could just play all day.

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– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

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