Gun Outfit: Dream All Over [Album Review]

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gun-outfit-dream-all-over Gun Outfit
Dream All Over
Paradise Of Bachelors [2015]

Fire Drill Album Review: LA’s Gun Outfit have a smooth vibe that sounds like Lou Reed and Kim Gordon collaborating on some tunes. This female/male dialogue from singers Carrie Keith (guitar, vocals, slide) and Dylan Sharp (guitar, vocals, banjo, balalaika) keep their fourth album, Dream All Over, pulsing and surging as their interplay is flawless and catchy. The best part of Dream All Over is that Gun Outfit constantly keep a small fire burning even when the tempo is at low throttle. On songs like “Blue Hour” the group will surprise you when their guitar meanders into the sunset for great results. Much like a good Yo La Tengo album, Gun Outfit create connections with delicately spaced lyrics, calculated song explosions and plenty of chemistry between the vocalists. Dream All Over is a slow burn that feels just right!

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Paradise Of Bachelors

– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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