Diet Cig: Do You Wonder About Me? [Album Review]

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Diet Cig
Do You Wonder About Me?
Frenchkiss Records [2020]

I will tell you that I was all about Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman, of rock duo Diet Cig, back in 2015 with the release of their excellent EP, Over Easy, on Father/Daughter Records. I also will tell you that I was less enthusiastic about the New York band’s 2017 debut Swear I’m Good At This. I didn’t feel like their debut full length captured the same synergy that made the indie pop on their EP infectious, so I went into their sophomore record Do You Wonder About Me? with caution but will tell you that Diet Cig has rebounded.

One thing that Do You Wonder About Me? has going for it, is its 25 minute total time. Diet Cig get in and get out. They hit you with plenty of catchy guitar indie pop that has a more free sounding edge to it than their earlier efforts. Luciano’s vocals always can bring you right into a track with her soft and inviting tone before they bust out with some power guitar to match her quick up-scaling range. Diet Cig’s sound easily fits in with groups like Beach Bunny, Cherry Glazerr, Bleached, and Charly Bliss as they can embed a tune into your head extraordinary quick.

Do You Wonder About Me? is a strong album from Diet Cig but their sound is not incredibly diverse. That is not always a bad thing but it seems that their genre of music has several similar acts right now so gaining separation from the pack some should always a goal. I do think that keeping this album tight and short was a great move from Diet Cig because it is an easy record to just play again. That extra spin then allows you to find the several earworms here that will stick and keep you coming back for more.

Key Tracks: “Thriving” / “Who Are You?” / “Flash Flood”

Artists With Similar Fire: Beach Bunny / Remember Sports / Cherry Glazerr

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Frenchkiss Records

-Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

Christopher Anthony

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