Dave Segedy: Layup [Album Review]

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dave-segedy-layup Dave Segedy
Old Flame/Jurassic Pop Records [2015]


Fire Drill Album Review: Dave Segedy has been staying busy as Layup is his second release this year following his March debut Schrodego. With all this he is also prepping to start recording again with his Bloomington, IN band Sleeping Bag. I like when the drummer can step up and show off a bit as Segedy’s grinding lo-fi continues on Layup. This record once again is concise and only clocks in at 17 minutes so you get Dave’s best foot forward in a blink. I do think that Schrodego has a few more hooks to grab you but Layup is right behind it in its similar presentation. The records actually make a great pair. I also liked how “Box Out” is a 43 second drum solo which turns out to be the perfect intermission mid-album. Basically, if you enjoy Sleeping Bag or new guys such as Mike Krol, along with grooving guitar lo-fi slacker rock, then you will like Dave Segedy.

Dave Segedy Website
Old Flame Records
Jurassic Pop Records

– Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

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