Coriky: Coriky [Album Review]

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Dischord Records [2020]

Just the thought of a new Fugazi record makes me want to run to the local record shop even during a pandemic! Ian MacKaye is just one of those personalities that if he is involved in a project you should check it out. With that said, Coriky is his new vehicle that also includes familiar mate Amy Farina (The Warmers, The Evens), and old pal Joe Lally (Fugazi, The Messthetics). The group actually formed in 2015, but did not play their first show until 2018 and now in 2020 – their debut record is out.

This group really sounds like a true bridge between Fugazi and The Evens. Coriky can rage, they can groove and most all are still political to the core. It would be easy to rebel against the current state of affairs but Coriky address America as a whole package and talk about issues that run deeper than just four years. It is nice to hear these individuals back with instruments in hand and they all sing.

The lyrics separates this album out from the masses. On the closer “Woulda Coulda” Farina declares “we are all out of water / we are out of running water” as the song trickles along. Or on the point blank “Hard To Explain,” when MacKaye honestly sings “Hard to explain / feels like everybody’s gone insane / we speak in circles, no end in sight.” All of these statements come off in very complex arrangements that groove, build and swirl.

Each track here has a veteran swagger that makes them Coriky and separates them from the members past groups. What I really like about Coriky is that MacKaye and Farina have created something new. The harmonies The Evens used to produce are not existent and you can hear each member standing up taller on each of the tracks, especially when Farina takes the lead. Overall, we have waited quite some time but Coriky live up to the hype. Not that there should have been any doubt but this self-titled release fits in perfectly with 2020!

Key Tracks: “Clean Kill” / “Have A Cup Of Tea” / “Inauguration Day”

Artists With Similar Fire: Les Savy Fav / The Mekons / Fugazi

Coriky Website
Dischord Records

-Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

Christopher Anthony

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