CIVIC: Taken By Force [Album Review]

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Taken By Force
ATO Records [2023]

Melbourne-based five-piece CIVIC are back with their biggest rock album to date. The group lead by the power singer Jim McCullough takes their fiery punk to a new level that is more melodic than previous efforts but delivered with the same take no prisoner passion.

After a quick intro track, CIVIC get things rolling fast with “End Of The Line” that sets the tone for the album, as its structure fits in with classic sounding punk rock songs that retained a traditional rock and roll verse-chorus form and quick time signature. This foot on the gas continues on the title track which is one of the largest sounding songs on the record with its mid scorching guitar solo, sing along chorus and a crisp bass and drum attack. This fist pumping action is the typical norm until you hit the over 5-minute “Trick Of The Light.” It is a song that finds McCullough’s slower delivery and drawl reminding me of Peter Garrett’s (Midnight Oil) always fervent articulation.

Taken By Force consistently is a blast of raw friction that at times pulls to mind The Stooges while also branching out into Clash like rhythms. It is this expanded sound from their earlier efforts that pushes CIVIC’s reach. The band has plenty to say and the rock/punk riffs to keep your attention from beginning to end on Taken By Force. The bottom line is, CIVIC can still create a mosh pit like the next punk band but now have added in a experienced polish to their songwriting that will only continue to produce must hear records.

“Born In The Heat” / “Taken By Force” / “Trick Of The Light”

Radio Birdman / The Clash / The Humpers

Future Forecast (2021)

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