Chime School: Chime School [Album Review]

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Chime School
Chime School
Slumberland Records [2021]

Chime School is the project of San Francisco musician Andy Pastalaniec. His self-titled debut is a solid slice of indie jangle pop that falls right in line with current releases from Slumberland Records label mates The Umbrellas and The Reds, Pinks & Purples. This upbeat and pleasant song structure offering will get your foot tapping throughout the entire record as it plays to the strengths of classic more straightforward indie out of the 80s.

This more simple upbeat charm here is Chime School’s strength. There are no big guitars, no big drums and no big bass. The opening guitar sway on “Wait Your Turn” will catch your ear instantly as Pastalaniec’s vocals almost has a Britpop delivery that sounds like it could be an Oasis demo. The track also has a great line with “staring up into the sky / waiting for the sun to shine” which is just easy to connect with and contemplate the image it brings. The foot tapping tempos continue with Chime School as “Taking Time To Tell You” also includes some “Ba Ba Bop Ba” layered into the background vocals.

Chime School charges through each song with the same hopeful pop which is never dull. The lyrics are easy to hear as Chime School feels like your best friend sharing their daily thoughts. On the later track “Gone Too Fast,” Chime School shows another side as it is more of a lush power type ballad for the group that has a nice close with a quicker chorus.

Even though Chime School have a familiar sound their delivery feels fresh and new. Indie pop fans for sure should check this album out as each track can become your new earworm. Put simply, if you are looking for a pick me up record as the weather gets cold – Chime School is your answer!

Key Tracks: “Taking Time To Tell You” / “Get A Bike” / “It’s True”

Artists With Similar Fire: Ducks Ltd. / Young Guv / The Springfields

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