Bobby Oroza: Get On The Otherside [Album Review]

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Bobby Oroza
Get On The Otherside
Big Crown Records [2022]

By now, we have heard many artist experiences on how they survived the pandemic when everything was shut down. It is one thing for a large venue and mass sales artist to halt their daily activities but I don’t think many people understand how the lack of ability to tour for the common day musician took its toll. Helsinki-born soul artist, Bobby Oroza is one of those artists and without the ability of studio time or tours to play he went back into construction to provide for his family. Oroza’s sophomore album, Get On The Otherside, reframes his songwriting with a sharper personal focus based on his reflections through these tougher times.

The songs clearly are more personal here but Oroza still uses the same soul canvas to convey his message. Songs of love still exist like the romancing in “Loving Body,” to digging deeper into his own needs during “Real Connection.” Where Bobby really shines on Get On The Otherside, is when his tracks show this new vulnerability and awareness, like on “The Otherside.” When Oroza exclaims in a deep breath, “just tryin’ to hold on” you can connect with that feeling of pushing through a hardship because you know it will be worth it, but that it will also change you. “My Place, My Time” is another soulful anthem which highlights the importance of carving out time for yourself as it once again showcases Oroza mindset.

Dreamy swaying reverb guitar, excellent timed drums and groovy bass lines keep Get On The Otherside in a heartfelt soul genre. Bobby Oroza has successfully combated his own struggles within the boundaries of the lyrics while also finding peace in the outcomes. That delivery gives the record a positive glow and one that only gets better upon repeat plays. I also think that the album is a true breakthrough for Oroza that not only has made him a stronger songwriter but moving forward, sets up an exciting future!

“I Got Love” / “The Otherside” / “My Place, My Time”

Aaron Frazer / Thee Sacred Souls / Kelly Finnigan

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