BIRDS: Everything All At Once [Album Review]

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Everything All At Once
Greenway Records [2017]

Who: Brooklyn band BIRDS is the quartet of Duane Lauginiger (guitar, vocals), Jessica Reynoza (bass, vocals), Jess Rees (guitar), and Tim Plunkett (drums). Everything All At Once is the bands debut record.

Sound: BIRDS offer a very organic free flowing fuzzed-out mix of psychedelic rock that sways around some in the Elephant 6 Collective style like an Apples In Stereo and The Minders. BIRDS do not stay in that mode though as they also have a Kurt Vile meets Swervedriver energy throughout the album.

TFN Final Take: BIRDS have created a debut that is easy to like. With its early injected upbeat indie tones to its closing shoegazing tracks, the group feels completely familiar while offering a youthful vigor in a promising debut. Songs like “See It All” and “Scatter” soar with big guitars that keep Duane Lauginiger’s vocals right above the fuzz, while on the stand out track, “Get Away,” BIRDS explode out of the gate like an early Superchunk.

The mix of shoegaze into BIRDS tracks is where Everything All At Once finds its uniqueness because the band smolders songs like the ebb and flowing “I Can’t Wait” with big waves of reverb as “Everyday,” builds and reaches for the sunlight through the clouds on each chord progression. Everything All At Once has some slight imperfections but nothing that gets in the way of repeat listens and you can simply chalk them up to this being the BIRDS debut. This is a band to keep an eye on for sure as this record will surely continue to weave its way into our heads as this year moves on!

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– Reviewed by Christopher Anthony

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