Best Coast: Always Tomorrow [Album Review]

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Best Coast
Always Tomorrow
Concord Records [2020]

I always like a comeback story and Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino has returned to music after a 5 year absence. She honestly stated that she almost walked away from recording completely  but after some solid recovery and self-care the band’s fourth album, Always Tomorrow, represents a brighter outlook on life.

This new uplifting take has created some of the cleanest pop indie rock Best Coast has produced. Big riffs, big rock and big hooks are a consistent theme throughout the album. When Cosentino sings “Now I’m sipping on my coffee, Now I’m walkin’ a little dog on a leash” during “Everything Has Changed” you quickly recognize this fresh and clear take on the world really works for the group.

I actually like this more free wheelin’ Best Coast and I think the songs here stick with you a bit better compared to their last album California Nights (2015). Like California Nights though, I don’t think any song on here is too deep lyrically but Always Tomorrow is just a better hum along and press play type of record. The album still does not meet the instant catchiness of their 2010 debut, Crazy For You, but it has plenty of winning components that long time fans will completely enjoy.

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-Reviewed by Thomas Wilde

Thomas Wilde

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