Be Your Own Pet: Get Awkward [Album Review]

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Be Your Own Pet
Get Awkward
Universal Records [2008]

Be Your Own Pet might seem like your typical young and snotty punk rock aspirants, but after giving their sophomore album Get Awkward a spin, you quickly discover that not only have they matured a bit since their debut, but their music is incredibly catchy. They’ve also managed to court some controversy that’s elevated their profile, as their US label, Universal, censored and deleted three tracks from the album due to their perceived violence. So, it appears that Be Your Own Pet shares something unexpectedly hardcore with Ice T’s Body Count. How’s that for edgy?

Setting aside all of that, with or without the three tracks (which are still included on the UK edition), Get Awkward undeniably stands as a bona fide success. With its cutting lyrics and the pogo-bouncing style of lead vocalist Jemina Pearl, this record oozes her sneer and attitude, firmly placing her among the ranks of the riot girls’ elite. The pace is rapid, the tracks unapologetically in your face, the lyrics direct and to the point. Get Awkward is the quintessential punk record to own right now, solidifying Be Your Own Pet as a band to keep a close eye on as they dominate the scene in 2008.

“Heart Throb” / “The Kelly Affair” / “Food Fight!”

Arctic Monkeys / Sincola / The Muffs

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