Alex G: God Save The Animals [Album Review]

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Alex G
God Save The Animals
Domino [2022]

The Fire Note headphone approved

God Save The Animals is Alex Giannascoli’s, aka Alex G, ninth album at the young age of 29. He has been a staple on the indie DIY scene for years now and continues to push his own boundaries as a singer songwriter with every release. With God Save The Animals, faith is used in a general sense across the album’s 13 tracks which tie them together as Alex G puts more focus on how his song subjects are able to come out the other side of heavier situations. Although the topic matter sounds incredibly deep, the music landscape that Alex G creates keeps the mood lighter as the music has the ability to mesmerize your ear on each track.

From the opener, “After All,” you hear Alex G up to some early vocal trickery with his sped up/higher pitched vocals that sound like a children’s choir performing a TikTok trending video. What is really capturing about this track is the closing appearance of Jessica Lea Mayfield as she pleasantly brings the song to a close. “Runner” comes at you next, and it is easily one of my favorite indie singles released this year. It has a nice straight forward guitar rock vibe which is led by his off-kilter vocals and catchy chorus. Elsewhere, Alex G’s experimentation never goes wrong and offers up so many memorable moments that takes God Save The Animals to its higher level. From the really low register he delivers on “Cross The Sea,” to the heavily manipulated vocals and beats on “Headroom Piano” or on the intense dramatic Godly vocal effects over the instrumentation on “S.D.O.S.,” you really do hear surprises on every song. The more folkish “Miracles” near the end of the album is a complete winner while the string moments on “Early Morning Waiting” made the track a highlight for me.

Alex G continues to evolve before your ears on God Save The Animals. He is completely willing to color outside the lines. For some artists, it can be a balancing act not to lose your core when changing the formula. Alex G perfectly walks the line and not only gives longtime fans an album they will adore but should easily build his growing fanbase with the smartly played God Save The Animals.

“Runner” / “Cross The Sea” / “Early Morning Waiting”

Bellows / Snail Mail / Told Slant

House Of Sugar (2019) / Rocket (2017)

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