Ty Segall Presents Manipulator, New Album Out 8/26 On Drag City

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Ty Segall will make his return with a new record titled Manipulator on August 26th via Drag City Records. Manipulator of course will feature Ty’s helium-cooled vocals, but is loaded with guitars! You can read the exciting press description and see the teaser below and pre-order the record HERE.

“Strangled-neck solos recalling the good old days down by the river with Neil, numbed-and-unplugged discursions, three-quarter quartets raising their din in a few key places, waves of sparkling acoustics with ominous, Love-ly undertones – and then, torrents of filthy git-grunge, exploding into the chorus, washing everything away, fusing the blackness of Sabbath with the grime and grab-ass of the Stooges and the sweet swinging tones of the Stones. All in the name of getting higher on the music. Why have one guitar solo when you can have a few in the same space? There’s so little time, and a LOT to say.”

01. Manipulator
02. Tall Man, Skinny Lady
03. The Singer
04. It’s Over
05. Feel
06. The Faker
07. The Clock
08. Green Belly
09. Connection Man
10. Mister Main
11. The Hand
12. Susie Thumb
13. Don’t You Want To Know? (Sue)
14. The Crawler
15. Who’s Producing You?
16. The Feels
17. Stick Around

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