The Friday Fire Track: Tobin Sprout – “Future Boy Today / Man Of Tomorrow”

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Tobin Sprout does not need much introduction on TFN as I know our readers are very familiar with the longtime Guided By Voices member. So, let’s skip ahead to the exciting news that Tobin will be releasing his first solo record in seven years February 3rd via Burger Records.

Today’s Black Friday Fire Track, “Future Boy/Man Of Tomorrow,” is the first single from his upcoming album The Universe & Me and was originally being saved for GBV. You will instantly hear why with its imperfect hum. You overlay Sprout’s youthful vocals and you have a sing along winner!

Enjoy the track below and TFN hopes your Record Store Day/Black Friday/Thanksgiving celebration was everything you needed it to be. Also, hurry over to Burger store – they still have the limited color variant up and after hearing the entire album we think you will be upset if you miss out!

Tobin Sprout Website
Burger Records

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