The Friday Fire Track: Cloud Nothings – “Psychic Trauma”

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One group that has improved album after album must be Cloud Nothings. After an impressive debut, they followed up with something equally as good if not better. The Headphone Approved Attack On Memory takes its’ white knuckle ease and balls to the wall sounds adding intensity that is always catchy and in your face.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that The Fire Note is very much in a state of anticipation for the follow up Here And Nowhere Else. Out April 1st, the forthcoming track, “Psychic Trauma,” only wets our appetites and garners more excitement. “Psychic Trauma” carries a lot to like. While Attack On Memory has an indie post hardcore attitude as its core, there was an energetic shimmer that engulfed every song. You get that here in the beginning of “Psychic Trauma” but, Dylan Baldi seems to have grown more. With more growth-more years on this earth-comes more shit. Energy streaks with rapid drums and guitars while Baldi’s haggard, rasps growls “We’ll never be here it’s hard to explain/ Psychic Trauma returns with age.” Ending with a building crescendo that’s bent on self-destruction stepping down from the edge before any harm can be done.

Baldi and the boys have big shoes to fill but with tracks like “Psychic Trauma” The Fire Note can get a bit more excited for whats to come. April 1st cannot get here fast enough and with this track I think you’ll agree!

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