Premiere Friday Fire Track: No Name Hotel – “Parable”

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Tristan marks the second EP release by No Name Hotel, the moniker of singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Farahd Abdullah Wallizada. A first-generation American born of Afghani parents, Wallizada spent his early life in Jacksonville, Florida, having little access to pop culture. That changed in his early teens, when he began pirating songs off of library computers, and soon was constructing his first, rudimentary tracks.

Fast-forward to TFN premiere Friday Fire Track from No Name Hotel titled “Parable” and you now can hear the twenty something Wallizada finding his way. The track showcases how his recent hard work has paid off and how it is also the product of his isolation of now living in Los Angeles. The song’s mood is a reflection on his past when he was trying to find himself. On “Parable,” you will hear an electronic mix with a distant but flowing vocal that tells a story while it also lets you lose yourself in the music. This stylistic mix sounds part Mark Everett (Eels) and Thom Yorke (Radiohead), which gives No Name Hotel a much more familiar vibe you might have expected.

The track is a solid representation of what the 4 song EP Tristan has to offer and gives No Name Hotel a piece of work that truly captures where he is at today, while looking back but also looking ahead. No Name Hotel will surely make you ponder your day – Enjoy your Friday!

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