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NYC singer / songwriter David Bronson has released a new video (see below) for ‘The Turns’ – the most important track from his upcoming 2 part album series ‘The Long Lost Story’. The first part ‘Story’, from which this track is taken, is released in the UK on January 7th.

Bronson says:

“’The Turns’ is an important song on the record for me because it was one of the last songs written on both of the records of The Long Lost Story, and it essentially narrates the entire arc of the whole thing. This is one of the main reasons I chose to start the album with it, and since Story is being put out before The Long Lost, it also serves as a kind of introduction to the entire project.”

The recording of The Turns is also special because it was one of the two songs on ‘Story’ that was fully recorded with the exceptional Godfrey Diamond (Lou Reed, Aerosmith, Sparks), and features Bronson’s band mate Robbie ‘Seahag’ Mangano, who composed and played the end guitar solo, as well as played bass on the tune.

Premiered by American indie tastemaker Under The Radar and directed by video artist Jordan Rathus the video artistically depicts the ghosts of relationship past:

‘Being the kind of ‘narrative summation’ that it is, I thought it was appropriate to use the image of the river, which crops up numerous times on the records, as a symbol representing the notion of the journey, the passage of time, and the inter-connectedness of things. The image and setting of a house was also used symbolically as the site of domesticity, relationship, emotional life, and change.’

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