Fire Track: Preoccupations – “Ricochet”

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Preoccupations return with Arrangements, their 4th studio album, on September 9th via Flemish Eye Records. Arrangements finds the band restoring their roots with the singular, guitar-driven, dissonant yet anthemic washes of intricate noise that have brought them international acclaim since their basement beginnings.

With Arrangements, Preoccupations finally and confidently inhabit the dystopia that they have been carefully creating from their musical genesis. In a room with taped up windows, with only a tiny pinprick of light beaming from the otherworld onto the far wall — upside down and blurred, yet recognizable enough to fill you with warm familiarity and nostalgia of unknown origins.

The band have just released this new song “Ricochet,” a gothic dark pop churn with lead vocalist and songwriter Matthew Flegel’s mournful cries: “Everything tastes like the bitter end,” he calls, and Wallace carries the track out on lashing snare rolls. Flegal tells us “The lyrics are pretty conspicuous and self explanatory on this one, but it’s basically about the world blowing up and no one giving a shit.”

You can order the album HERE.

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