Fire Track: Mister Goblin – “Hook In The Eye”

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Mister Goblin is the solo project of Sam Goblin (formerly of Two Inch Astronaut) and he is set to release his latest album, Four People In An Elevator And One Of Them Is The Devil, on February 19th via Exploding In Sound Records. Today Mister Goblin is sharing their latest single, “Hook In The Eye,” a thoughtful song that comes from trying to find the good in the worst, as Sam describes:

“I lived with my Grandmother a couple years ago, and she’d get these horrible scam calls all the time with people trying to extort her saying her relatives had been in car accidents and needed money. I thought it was the most blatantly evil, sadistic way to get paid, and it drove me totally nuts. I tried to think of the most generous way to interpret this vocation, so I wrote this song from the perspective of one of the scam callers, who in my version is a failed thespian just looking for any possible way to live out their dream of acting.”

This record is great and we recommend picking up a copy. Our only complaint is that there is not a vinyl pressing so the cassette will need to suffice for now. Check out the new single and you can pre-order below.

You can pre-order the album HERE.

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